How connected appliances can save you time on your household chores

How connected appliances can save you time on your household chores

Since the far-off days when the first appliances entered our homes, revolutionising our approach to household chores for ever, technology has made giant steps forward, with major implications for their functions and their ability to simplify our lives. Without a doubt, one of the most obvious forms of progress in the last few years has been connectivity: from refrigerators to ovens, by way of washing machines and dishwashers, all our most valuable home aids can now interact with us via apps developed to provide remote control, energy management and much, much more.

Explore their countless benefits in our article!


A connected refrigerator is much more than just a tool for chilling and conserving food. It can monitor foods’ use-by dates and alert us if something inside it is about to go off, to avoid unpleasant contamination. What’s more, with the technology of a connected refrigerator you can manage your shopping list remotely on the basis of what you have in stock and always know where to place purchased foods depending on type (fruit and vegetables at the bottom, fish at the top, and so on). Cocktail parties with friends will be easier, too, with functions that alert you when your drinks have chilled to the perfect serving temperature.


After the benefits of connected refrigerators, now let’s move on to those of ovens. A connected oven will always come to your aid before a last-minute dinner with friends, or a romantic date at home. How? Thanks to large list of recipes for any dietary preferences and occasion. What’s more, if your hands are full with food preparation, connected ovens will let you interact with them via voice commands, or you can pre-heat them from remote if you are stuck in the traffic on the way home from the office.

Washing Machines

Like refrigerators and ovens, washing machines, too, have added the benefits of connectivity to their functions. New-generation models can advise you on the best program on the basis of garments’ colour and fabric. How? By simply photographing the heap of laundry. A technology that may seem like science fiction, but is now really with us!


Last but not least in order of important are dishwashers. From voice command functions to advice on how to deal with dirt on dishes, by way of appliance maintenance guides, dishwashers can also successfully be made connective, to simplify our washing-up

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