How to sort clothes before washing them with Candy RapidO' Snap&Wash function

How to sort clothes before washing them with Candy RapidO' Snap&Wash function

We all know that we should separate whites from coloured clothes, however, we often end up with greyed items. Find out how to separate clothes in your washing machine with the help of technology!

At least once in your life, you have probably pulled out your laundry from the washing machine, only to discover that your white socks and shirts have magically changed colour. What happened? You probably put a dark garment in the whites load!

To obtain perfect results and prevent irreparable messes, the trick is to learn how to separate the clothes before washing them in the washing machine. Let's see how, with the help of technology.

How to separate colours in the washing machine

The first step is to divide colours before washing them. Here is how:

  • Whites are delicate and tend to ruin easily. For this reason, they should be placed in a separate cycle for white linen and clothes only.
  • Light clothes, such as pink, beige, light blue and yellow, can be washed together, trying to use a gentle detergent.
  • Dark clothes too, such as blue, brown and grey, can be washed in the same cycle. However, in this case, use special colour catching paper to prevent colour residues during washing, especially if the clothes are new.
  • Lastly, do a load of black colours only. Black requires special care to prevent it from fading.

How to sort your clothes before doing the laundry based on the fabric

The second step is dividing the clothes based on the fabric, since they all require different washing needs.

For instance, cotton is a sturdy fabric that can be washed at high temperature, while wool, silk and linen are delicate, and require specific programs to prevent them from shrinking.

Pay special attention to synthetic garments, such as polyester and microfibre. Remember to wash them separately from natural fabrics, as, due to their composition, artificial fibres tend to trap the residues of stains and dirt from other cotton garments.

Another rule is to evaluate how heavy an item is. For instance, winter clothes require a different washing method and program than summer ones.

Candy RapidO' Snap&Wash function: the technology that tells you how to separate your clothes before washing them

The work is not over: now you need to choose the right program. Luckily, Candy RapidO' washing machine can help you: it is designed to let you save time and effort, thanks to many washing programs that will meet all your laundry needs.

The revolutionary Snap&Wash technology allows you to choose the right washing cycle based on the quantity and colour of your laundry: using your smartphone, just take a picture of your dirty clothes!

Let's see how:

  • Unload Candy's app on your smartphone, and select the RapidO' washing machine;
  • Place the laundry on the floor, in front of your washing machine;
  • Take two steps back, frame the washing machine and take a picture;
  • Cut out the laundry pile from the picture, following its shape;
  • Let the app decide the faster washing program.

No more laundry disasters, thanks to these easy tips and the Snap&Wash function!

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