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How to remove the smell of sweat from T-shirts

How to get the smell of sweat out of T-shirts once and for all

The smell of sweat on clothes can be really persistent and annoying. Find out how to get rid of sweat smells so you always feel clean and smelling good!

Have you ever noticed that nasty smell of sweat even on T-shirts you’ve already washed? Or have you sometimes found it impossible to get rid of those unsightly stains from lighter-coloured T-shirts?

From heat, stress, playing sport - whatever the cause, sweat is the number one enemy of any fabric.

Here's how to get rid of sweat smells from clothes in just a few simple steps, using the right washing methods and products.

Getting rid of sweat smells from clothes: pre-treating

Firstly it’s important to act quickly, without giving the sweat time to become embedded in the fabric. That’s why you need to pre-treat your garments: machine washing alone isn’t enough to get rid of the smell of sweat, especially on delicate clothes that need washing at low temperatures.

There are two main methods to follow when pre-washing:

  1. Hang out the garment in the fresh air so that the sweat dries completely. Spray a delicate fabric grease remover on to the affected areas, for example under the armpits, and leave it to act for a few minutes.
  2. Now put the garment into a bowl of water together with a little concentrated detergent and leave it to soak for half an hour. Remember to use cold water if you’re treating delicate clothes, or warm water for clothes with a more resistant fabric.

Following these simple tips will make washing in the machine more effective.

Washing, rinsing and drying to get rid of sweat smells

The second step involves washing. The garment you have pre-treated should then be put in the washing machine, following the temperature instructions on the label.

Use a special programme for even fresher and cleaner results. Modern washing machines like the Candy RapidÓ have a special technology that creates a concentrated mix of water and detergent for a fast and effective stain-removing action.

When the cycle has completed, remember to empty the washing machine straight away. Leaving wet clothes inside the machine only increases bad odours and allows bacteria to multiply. If the weather isn’t warm enough to hang out your washing in the fresh air, here are some tips for drying your clothes in the winter!

Products to eliminate sweat smells from clothes

What can I do if the smell of sweat is still there after washing? Repeat the procedure from the beginning and do a second wash, adding an additive to your detergent. If you’re looking for a detergent that gets rid of sweat smells effectively without harming your clothes, there are some environmentally friendly products that will do the job perfectly. The Ecological range from Care+Protect, for example, uses biodegradable plant-based raw materials - without dyes, EDTA or phosphates - to ensure a lower environmental impact. Remember that sweating is completely normal and natural. The important thing is knowing how to act as quickly as possible to save your favourite clothes!

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