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Simply-Fi app: microwaves

Simply-Fi app: microwaves

Cooking has never been easier

We have already shown you how to take the first steps within simply-Fi, from configuration to first use. Now we are going to see how it works and what features it provides us according to the different appliances. Let's start from the microwave and how the simply-Fi App can help us prepare our dishes like real chefs!


Our rich recipe database puts at your disposal over 130 recipes specially designed and created to be cooked with your microwave. Choose if you want to make an appetizer, a first course, a second course or a dessert. You will be given the right quantities of ingredients, temperature and time, and you will be shown all the steps; easy isn't it?

Food cooking

Not just complete recipes, within simply-Fi you will find lots of tips on cooking some ingredients and their benefits. Just scroll through the list of ingredients in the database, choose your favourite ingredient and immediately receive advice on how to get the best out of it (how to cut it, how to prepare it for cooking, at what temperature to set the microwave). Not only that, but you will also receive great insights into the benefits of the ingredient such as:

"Tomatoes are low in calories and contain potassium and vitamin C. They are anti-oxidant, beneficial for skincare and eyesight. They purify the blood, have diuretic properties, and aid the digestion of starchy foods."

Tips and tricks

Inside the app, you will not only find recipes but many useful tips for alternative usage of the microwave. For example, did you knew that if you heat the onions in the microwave for 30 seconds you will avoid crying your eyes out while cutting them? Discover this and many more interesting tips on the simply-Fi App.

Discover the Candy Cook-in-App microwave range and the potential of your first connected microwave!

But that's not all, get ready! Starting in 2021, every microwave that you'll purchase will be connected to the brand new hOn app. Discover a new way to experience your microwave connectivity. Stay tuned!

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