How to best maintain the dryer

The essential guide to dryer maintenance

Proper maintenance of appliances is the first step to make them last longer and avoid having them serviced. First of all, we remind you of the importance of reading the user manual, both for correct use and to find all the suggestions for the proper maintenance of the appliance! Let's get started!

Don't overload it!

As with washing machines, even in the case of the dryer, it is a good thing not to overload the appliance, but it is necessary to balance the load well. The appliance will benefit not only in terms of performance, as drying will be more effective, but also in terms of durability over time and electricity consumption: a weighted dryer is subjected to excessive stress.

Beware of filters!

Cleaning your dryer filters is an essential step. In particular, the fluff filter must be cleaned at EVERY drying cycle. The deposition of debris can not only compromise the performance of the dryer but also damage it irremediably. The filter housing should also be cleaned from time to time. In this case, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner. The other filter that needs to be cleaned often is the filter or condenser drawer, depending on the type of dryer you have. It is located in the bottom corner of your appliance and should be cleaned once every five cycles. You can use a vacuum cleaner at minimum power or wash it with water. Remember to put the filter back in place only when it is completely dry.

Clean it regularly

Keep the dryer clean both inside and out! For the drum, we recommend using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent. Alternatively, you can use a solution of water and vinegar. At the same time, remember to clean the outside of the dryer, always with a soft cloth and the same detergent, both on the front and on the back.

Get the right spaces

Don't underestimate the space! The dryer needs to be stable but above all to be well ventilated, to allow easy air recycling. If the space available to you is limited, you can opt to store it on top of the washing machine, using the column method.

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