Drier: optimizing drying times

Drier and drying times, all the info

The drier’s drying times vary, based on the program and the fabrics. The secret for a perfect laundry in the right times is in choosing the right programs.

The drier is a valid ally in managing day-to-day tasks, and a practical solution in winter, and for anyone who doesn’t have a terrace or large spaces, especially if you choose to organize your appliances with a universal stacking kit, such as Care+Protect’s. Thanks to this kit, you can place the drier directly on top of the washer, for a handy and comfortable solution.

In order to use your drier in the best way possible, you should be familiar with the fabrics, with the specific drying times, and with the best programs to use.

The importance of drying times when choosing a drier

Drying times are one of the variables you should take into account when purchasing an appliance. Driers are not all the same: every model has different programs and times that vary, based on heat intensity, basket rotation and capacity. On average, a drying cycle can last between 90 and 100 minutes. Smart driers deserve a special mention: Candy RapidÓ has 7 quick programs for cycles that last less than 90 minutes. Perfect for those in a hurry, or for those who don’t have too much time for chores.

Usual drier times and why does it take too long sometimes?

In order to optimize drying your clothes in the drier, you must divide the fabrics by type for every cycle: fabrics have different average times, based on the specific fibre characteristics.

  • Wool, which is thick and delicate, requires more than one hour to dry completely with a traditional drier.
  • Garments made of synthetic fabric have short drying times, on average. This kind of fabric takes approx. 30 minutes to dry.
  • When it comes to cotton, we should make a distinction between light cotton, that dries in approx. 40 minutes, and heavier cotton, which requires more time to dry completely.

If you notice that your drier exceeds the times indicated in the instruction booklet, you need to check that it isn’t faulty: in order for the drier to work correctly, you must take care of the appliance constantly, and monitor its performance. If, despite the correct maintenance, the drier, takes too long, you need to check that the load matches the program you’ve chosen.

Optimizing drying times: Candy RapidÓ smart programs

Sorting your clothes by fabric is an excellent way to optimize the drier’s performance, as is choosing the right appliance. Smart driers allow you to save time, without giving up quality: the Candy RapidÓ range is equipped with specific programs for every need:

  • Daily perfect 59’, the quick program for average loads;
  • Quotidiano 45’, to dry your everyday clothing, since it is very quick;
  • Risparmio 30’, the program for small loads ensuring top time and energy savings;
  • Relax, which in 12’ reduces creases with the heat;
  • Lana, the program that in 70’ safely dries wool garments, limiting fibre friction and felting.

Thanks to the innovative Candy App, you can interact with your drier and find the best cycle for you; you can also have access to tips and advice on how to obtain the best from your appliance.

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