Rapid'O TD
Rapid'O TD


The easiest way to save time

With Candy RapidÓ saving time is possible. Daily

In our busy lives, the most precious thing is time. This is why the new Candy RapidÓ dryer is designed around this concept; quick and efficient cycles help saving time that you can dedicate to the things you love most, improving the quality of life. Once again Candy offers simple but smart and innovative solutions: a tumble dryer with a set of 7 rapid programmes and the maximum comfort of a larger porthole, features unique on the market. Furthermore the ergonomic tank of water in the door improves the ease of use.

Discover whole range
Discover whole range
The most complete set of 7 rapid cycles on the market

What’s the meaning of having a quick washing machine if your tumble dryer is not able to save time too? Candy answers to this important question with unique set of 7 rapid programmes in less than 90 minutes. Plus, you have a choice of 20 more Smart Cycles via App to cover any particular need of yours. Garments are perfectly dryed, fabrics are smooth and fully protected and you are free to organize your spare time.

Rapid cycles
Maximum hygiene and perfect drying

Choose the “Antiallergy” programme available on RapidÓ dryer to efficiently dry your clothes while also protecting your family from allergens like dust mites, pet hair, pollens, residuals of powder detergent and other factors that can impact on your health.

Maximum hygiene
Maximum comfort

The innovative design of Candy RapidÓ tumble dryer has been developed to make your laundry experience stress-free. From the largest porthole on the market, and the big capacity up to 11 kg, to the easiness of management and maintenance, every detail has been studied to give you the maximum comfort.

Maximum comfort
Easy case: a smart way to empty and reuse water

Thanks to the unique ergonomic shape of the tank positioned in the porthole of the tumble dryer, the new handle and a practical spout, it’s extremely easy and comfortable to empty 100% of the drying water you can reuse for ironing or watering plants.

Easy Case
Smarter than ever

RapidÓ dryer is fully Wi-Fi connected and thanks to the simply-Fi App it offers you a wide range of smart features to simplify your daily life such as:

  • manage your laundry wherever you are with the full remote control, using your smartphone or your voice or asking your digital assistants when you are at home
  • ask tips and suggestions
  • have access to 20 extra smart cycles
  • ask for assisted drying
  • get all the information about maintenance-related support
  • consult efficiency statistics of your tumble dryer
Smarter than ever

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1 Product
  • Built in / free standing model
  • Dryer type
  • Capacity (kg)
  • Energy efficiency class
  • Colour
  • Connectivity
  • Width of the product (mm)
  • Product depth (mm)
  • Product height with worktop (mm)
Built in / free standing modelFreestanding
Dryer typeHeat Pump
Capacity (kg)9
Energy efficiency class A++
ConnectivityAdvanced remote control and extra content (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth)
Product depth (mm)611
Product height with worktop (mm)850