Wondering how to set off a hygienic wash in the washing machine?

Disinfecting washing machine cycles - how to have clean clothes

Handy tips for disinfecting your clothes in the washing machine and killing off bacteria

Disinfecting clothes in the washing machine is essential if you want to remove all external agents and promote a healthy lifestyle. Damp rugs, towels, bathrobes and other items of clothing are the perfect environment for the proliferation of micro-organisms that can cause respiratory problems, allergies and inflammations. To avoid this happening, it is important to wash and disinfect clothes appropriately, and to dry them instantly after the wash cycle. This important task is entrusted to the dryer, which ensures you have perfectly dry, perfumed and disinfected clothes at all times.

And speaking of clean and disinfected laundry, are there any special procedures to be followed? How does the washing machine’s hygienic wash cycle work? Here are some helpful tips.

Our tips for obtaining clean, disinfected clothes with your washing machine

It is a fairly common practice, due to time constraints and haste, to accumulate clothes in the laundry basket. This behaviour is certainly convenient, but it is not functional to having clean, hygienic garments. Accumulating lots of dirty clothes could lead to an increase in the number of micro-organisms on the fabrics, which could resist even after washing. For a healthier lifestyle, therefore, remember to empty the laundry basket more often!

Also, separate delicate items from the rest of the clothes to be washed: baby’s clothes, for example, should be washed separately and disinfected more frequently.

To wash your laundry and have clean, disinfected clothes, another tip is to remove the clothes from the washing machine as soon as the wash cycle is finished. Wet clothes left in the drum for prolonged periods of time can become the perfect environment for the proliferation of external agents.

But that’s not all: on rainy days when it is difficult to dry your laundry outdoors, the dryer is your perfect ally. Whether you already own one or you are thinking of buying one, with this appliance you can dry your clothes quicker and also keep them disinfected.

To have clean, disinfected clothes it is essential to ensure the optimal hygiene and correct functioning of your washing machine. You can keep it clean with natural products such as vinegar or with our Care + Protect products, useful for removing limescale, disinfecting and keeping your washing machine clean.

Also, always remember to leave the washing machine door open at the end of each wash, to allow any residual water to dry and avoid the formation of mould inside the machine.

What cycles should you use to disinfect clothes in the washing machine?

Choosing the right wash cycles to ensure your clothes are disinfected in the washing machine is of the utmost importance. While colours can be washed at 60°C, delicate or mixed clothes need a washing cycle that does not exceed 30/40°C.

A 40-degree wash disinfects when you use bleach or a bleach-based detergent or when you supplement the detergent with oxygen bleach. To disinfect your laundry, you can also choose to use natural products such as baking soda or vinegar

If you don't have much time but still want to disinfect your clothes in the washing machine, the ideal solution is a RapidÓ washing machine or washer-dryer. Speed ​​Driver Motor technology improves cleaning by 50% compared to traditional motors, granting you perfectly clean and disinfected laundry even with short wash cycles. Moreover, RapidÓ is the only washing machine to have 9 quick wash cycles, thus offering the perfect solution to every need: among these quick cycles is the exclusive 59-minute disinfecting cycle at 60°C, for clothes that are not only clean but disinfected.

Check out all the RapidÓ washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers!

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