5 reasons to have a Candy Induction hob

5 reasons to have a Candy Induction hob

Why you should get a Candy Induction hob.

There are many reasons to consider switching to Candy Induction Hobs. In this article, we will highlight the main ones, and we are pretty sure that they will be enough for you to make a choice. Keep reading to discover how a Candy Induction hob can turn your kitchen life upside down

1. It is quicker than a gas hob

Did you get tired of waiting for the water to boil?

If the answer is yes, Candy Induction Hobs are made for you. In fact, thanks to the heat concentration underneath the pan, the cooking time is reduced by up to 60% (if compared to traditional cookers). Plus, if you set the booster mode, the water boils in just 3 minutes.

2. It is very flexible

Designed to suit all sizes and shapes of cookware, Candy Induction Hobs feature the Twin power or the Flexy one.

Both of them let you cook in one big zone or in 2 small ones, according to your needs...and your pots.

3. It is safe

Compared to traditional cooktop systems, Candy Induction Hobs are much safer. You can't forget if you have left the gas on, or can't burn your hands, as the hob only heats up when the pan is placed on top of it. Plus, a series of safety indicators on the display avoids the risk of burns, such as the Child Lock function that blocks any accidental activation.

4. It is easy to clean

Cleaning after cooking has never been so simple. Thanks to the super-smooth surface, you just need to wipe away any muck with a wet cloth and a splash of glass cleaner. Plus, since the top heats up only when the pot is placed on it, liquids tend not to encrust. Easy, isn’t it?

5. It is a great ally during the summer

Cooking inside during a hot summer is not so fun: the kitchen gets warm and you start sweating. Well, with the Candy Induction Hobs you no longer have to take a sauna while cooking. In fact, they produce less heat than gas or electric models and release it only underneath the pan, not in the air.

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