The perfect italian christmas feast: 4 traditional courses
The perfect italian christmas feast

Christmas is upon us once again and this only means one thing: it is time to get back to the kitchen to prepare the infinite lunches and dinners that will take place in this magical period of the year!

We Italians are true specialists when it comes to creating mouth-watering banquets that delight guests with an unmistakable atmosphere of joy and festivity. Candy has therefore decided to present four great classics of Christmas cuisine from among Italy’s many traditional dishes. Read on to discover them!


Goose liver pâté crostini

A delicious appetizer that originally comes from Tuscany. It only requires a couple of ingredients and will whet your guests’ palates before the main courses. Simply take some golden brown, crispy, toasted crostini and spread them with goose liver pâté for a delicious appetizer that is easy and fast to make.


Tortellini in broth

What kind of Christmas would it be without tortellini in broth? Originally from Emilia-Romagna, over the years this starter has become a staple on Italian tables on 25th December. Whether homemade or bought from your favourite delicatessen, this specialty, consisting of egg pasta with a mixed meat and parmesan filling, is best enjoyed in a warm, fragrant meat broth that can be savoured spoon by spoon. The best way to start your Christmas lunch or dinner...

For a better and faster result, cook your Italian tortellini with our induction hob.

Second course

Stuffed capon

When it comes to Christmas main courses, you are really spoiled for choice, but we at Candy have opted for stuffed capon. This elegant, spectacular dish immediately brings to mind the image of a table laid for the most special holiday of the year. It can even be prepared the day before, so on Christmas day you can simply bake it and dedicate yourself to the people you love the most! Slow, prolonged cooking is essential in order to make the meat tender, not to mention the choice of filling. We recommend a mixture of dry-cured ham, minced pork and veal, parmesan and walnuts!

Ask your first connected oven for advice on the correct temperature and time for a stuffed capon you won’t forget!


Cream-filled panettone

And finally... dessert! A Christmas menu classic is undoubtedly cream-filled panettone, which is easy and quick to make. Simply cut the panettone into slices and fill each layer with your favourite cream, from classic custard to chocolate cream. We recommend using a cream made of ricotta, mascarpone, cherries and pistachios!

Do you want to try more Italian dishes for your Christmas feast? Discover more tasty recipes on our simply-Fi App!

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