How can you defrost food quickly in the microwave oven

How can you defrost food quickly in the microwave oven?

The microwave oven is very useful, not just to warm dishes, but also to defrost them quickly through the Defrost function

Have little time but would like to enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner ? Then you’ll undoubtedly like to know how to defrost frozen food quickly in the microwave oven. This appliance is among the most popular for defrosting, cooking and warming dishes quickly and with ease.

Tips to defrost food in the microwave oven

Almost all microwave ovens have a Defrost function. Usually the defrosting symbol on the microwave oven’s control panel is a snowflake or a snowflake with a drop. If you are in doubt whether your microwave oven has a defrosting function, consult the instruction manual.

With Candy microwave ovens, for example, you can cook, defrost and prepare tasty dishes very quickly: practicality and versatility are two of the most highly appreciated characteristics of this small yet highly functional appliance.

If you enjoy preparing extravagant and original dishes, the Candy microwave oven is exactly what you need! Download the Candy simply-Fi app and find out how to use your Candy microwave oven to its full potential: browse through the sections and find recipes, suggestions, tips and alternative ways of using your new helping hand in the kitchen!

Defrosting food in the microwave oven is also the safest way to preserve your dish’s nutrients, as is also the case with steam cooking in the microwave. But that’s not all, because defrosting food in the microwave is also hygienic: the high speed at which foods are defrosted limits the proliferation of bacteria.

But how does the microwave oven’s defrosting function work? Upon enabling the Defrost function, the microwave oven usually switches on and off intermittently: the waves emitted work and don’t work, alternately. In this way, the microwave oven defrosts the food instead of cooking it.

Remember that, for defrosting to be successful, the food should be frozen properly. The ice crystals that sometimes form on food shield the microwaves, delaying the defrosting action: the non-iced parts start to defrost and heat up, thereby causing the surrounding ice to melt (through conduction) but creating a considerable disparity in temperature. This is why the defrosting function emits waves in sequence, so as to allow the conduction process to even out the temperature

If you are wondering how to defrost food quickly with the microwave oven, you need to know that the time varies considerably based on the quantity of frozen food placed in the oven. So, the quicker you need to defrost, the less food you should place into the oven.

How do you defrost food using the microwave oven?

Various types of food may be defrosted in the microwave oven. For example, you can defrost small portions of meat or fish. Remove the food from the freezer and place it in a microwave oven proof plate or container. Using the Candy microwave oven, for example, you can choose between two defrosting functions:

  • Defrosting by weight allows you to specify the food’s weight, from 100g to 1400g;
  • Defrosting by time allows you to choose the defrosting time, from 10 to 95 minutes.

The microwave oven is also excellent for other uses, such as to defrost bread (preferably sliced). Arrange the slices of bread on a suitable plate and place it in the microwave oven for a few seconds, turning the bread at least once.

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