Organise your kitchen with space-saving solutions

Organise your kitchen with space-saving solutions

The kitchen is always the most crowded room in the home: in addition to the furniture, we also have to consider the appliances, crockery, food containers and all the accessories, which are somewhat bulky, yet necessary for the preparation of meals. If you have a large kitchen, then it doesn’t take much to rationalise the space and fit it out with all the necessary comforts; however, when the space available is limited, the organisation of every element becomes vital to make best use of every valuable corner. Let’s discover how to best exploit the available space in a small kitchen.

Space-saving furniture for small kitchens

Even a small kitchen can be made both comfortable and functional with meticulous, in-depth planning. An all-important element consists in the choice of furniture and household appliances, which are also available in space-saving formats.
By opting for multifunctional furniture, you’ll be able to optimise your spaces, as you’ll be able to use them in a multitude of different ways: for example, furniture fitted with wheels and drawers or islands are ideal for serving meals, can be used as work stations, and are often equipped with practical compartments.
To gain space without foregoing practicality, you could install shelves and racks, thereby making thorough use of the wall’s height, and replace classic chairs with foldable and lightweight models or those that effectively ‘disappear’ entirely under the table. Utensils, pans and pots can instead be hung in sight on hooks, maybe by using creative and stylish supports, or stacked from the largest to the smallest to save space.

The choice of table should be made by taking into account solutions that best optimise the volumes in the room. Should you not wish to opt for a foldable table, bar tables represent a modern and functional alternative, ideal paired with high-top stools.
To avoid leaving any precious space vacant, it is possible to ingeniously make use of empty corners by installing shelves and racks. That said, there’s one important aspect to keep in mind: when designing your kitchen, always be sure to leave enough space for the opening and closing of doors, drawers and cupboards, so as to ensure functionality, ease of passage and the livability of the space.

Candy’s space-saving solutions

Candy, as part of its range of household appliances, offers numerous smart ideas to save space without having to forego performance, thanks to compact yet functional alternatives.

In the Candy range, you’ll find classic oven-fitted stoves of various different sizes and stoves suitable for all requirements, from uber-practical options with an electric or gas plate, to six-hob, mixed, electric or gas alternatives.

Let’s now turn our attention towards the fridge, one of the electrical appliances that could be a cause for concern in a small kitchen. Candy has multiple models designed to meet the needs of all, presenting a vast choice and offering fridges of different depths and heights, as well as built-in and free-standing options that combine both fridge and freezer.

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