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Self-cleaning oven: everything there is to know

Cleaning the oven is always annoying, however it’s a task that has to be done in order to keep it efficient and clean, as well as cook food safely. More and more often we hear about self-cleaning ovens, most times with little further information. The name can make it seem like a commercial gimmick, used only to sell more appliances without an actual genuine product innovation. Instead, the self-cleaning oven is a real technological innovation - its scientific name is pyrolytic oven and its main functionality, which differentiates it from other non-pyrolytic models, is precisely the self-cleaning option.

The self-cleaning oven (pyrolytic) can quickly reach the high temperature of about 500º, which eliminates all encrustations and food residues that remain inside the oven after cooking. Once the cleaning programme is finished, simply use a damp cloth to remove the burnt residue. Some models also include a bottom container that can be removed, cleaned and put back once the programme is finished.

Generally, the pyrolytic have more than one cleaning programme, which are between one to three hours, depending on the level of cleaning you want. For example, the one-hour programme allows you to eliminate unpleasant odours that remain after the cooking of some dishes, while the 3-hour programme works even against dirt that is more encrusted and difficult to remove.

The self-cleaning pyrolytic presents several advantages compared to other models. In addition to the greater ease in cleaning, a task usually difficult and complicated now turned more thorough, the self-cleaning oven is actually more environmentally friendly as it is not necessary to use solvents or other chemicals harmful to our planet.

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