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What is a self-cleaning oven and how does it work

What is a pyrolytic oven and what does it do?

Cleaning your oven can be one of the more arduous tasks in the kitchen, but it needs to be done to keep your appliance in its best condition. 

That makes self-cleaning ovens an excellent choice for any household – and they bring an unparalleled level of efficiency to your home. Also known as pyrolytic ovens, these appliances use the latest technology, harnessing heat to burn away stains, grime and older food.

How does a pyrolytic oven work?

They work by quickly bringing up the temperature inside to around 500 degrees celsius, essentially reducing food residue to ash quickly and effectively. Once the programme is complete, all you need to do is to use a damp cloth to wipe away the residue – saving you invaluable time spent scrubbing away at stubborn stains. 

Certain models also feature a bottom shelf that can be removed, cleaned and replaced for more in-depth cleaning sessions. 

What programmes does a pyrolytic oven offer?

Most pyrolytic ovens have more than one cleaning programme, which you can switch up according to how unclean your oven is. 

The one-hour programme for example, makes it easy to remove smells from recently cooked dishes, while the three-hour option gives a more rigorous solution – ideal for residue that has set in the oven and is more stubborn to get rid of.

What are the benefits of a pyrlotic oven?

The self-cleaning oven presents several advantages compared to other models:

Easier cleaning

As we mentioned before, pyrolytic ovens are much quicker and easier to clean, reducing the inevitable task of scrubbing and cleaning down to just a few quick wipes with a cloth.

Solvent-free ovens

Because pyrolytic ovens don’t require any chemicals to be cleaned, you can keep yours well-maintained and hygienic without using solvents and oven cleaners that are harmful to the planet.

Safer for children

As above, pyrolytic ovens don’t need to be cleaned with chemicals, which means you don’t have to keep potentially dangerous cleaning products around your home – and that’s great news if you have a younger family with curious kids.

Pyrolytic ovens from Candy

Here at Candy, we’ve put together an extensive range of ovens to suit every need and budget – including state-of-the-art pyrolytic models.

The Oven Idea for example, features both pyrolytic features and Aquactiva functions – which means you can use both high temperatures and water moisture to eradicate even the toughest of stains quickly and simply.

Easy to adapt to just about any home, thanks to its ergonomic design and slick exterior, the Oven idea is available now – the perfect match for your kitchen.

Thinking about buying a pyrolytic oven? Find our complete selection, and our other models on the Candy oven page.

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