Hobs: buying guide

Hobs: buying guide

When you have to choose a hob among the gas, electric and induction you are spoiled for choice since each one has its advantages. Let's find out together.

The gas hobs

The classic gas cooktops are the most common and cheap on the market, but they are also the ones that have the lowest performance and the highest rate of energy loss. Among their benefits we remember the low price, compatibility with all types of pots and pans and, last but not least, the fact that they work even if there is no electricity at home.

The electric hobs

We have to divide the electrical cooktops in two different types: radiant and halogen. The first type works thanks to the electric resistance which heats, the seconds are powered by halogen infrared; both are covered with ceramic hob, an unbreakable material, virtually incorruptible and resistant to high temperatures.

Compared with gas stoves they are more practical and safe, without a nozzle that can obstruct and completely flat, so very easy to clean.

The induction hobs

As the electric cooktops also those induction are powered by electric current and are covered with ceramic hob, but are equipped with special coils capable of generating a magnetic field that is converted into heat which is why it is necessary to use the cookware suitable for this type of floors.

There are many advantages of induction hobs including uniform and quick cooking of foods and the ease of cleaning. Another feature that makes advisable the choice of this type of planes if there are children at home, are the lowest temperatures that are reached by the plan itself, which prevents the risk of burns.

The different performance cooktops

To realize the difference between cooktops imagine having to boil a liter of water in a pot with a diameter of 15 cm: on a gas it will take five minutes, on an electric piano 7-8 minutes, while a induction hob only three minutes, with maximum efficiency and minimum energy loss.

What hob choose?

Each cooker has its own advantages so you'll want to choose according to your needs and priorities: energy consumption, save money, time, space, etc. Candy offers a wide range of cookers of all types and all sizes: online find one that suits you!

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