How to wash winter clothes? Useful tips and tricks

How to wash your winter clothes after a wardrobe change

The arrival of a new season is the ideal time to tidy up the closet. Here are some useful tips to best wash your winter clothes

Spring ishere! Finally, the time has come to enjoy the nice weather by showing off our light clothes... while consigning heavier garments that have accompanied us through the winter to the wardrobe. Before storing them in the wardrobe, you should ensure that they are perfectly clean and spotless, avoiding the spread of bacteria during the months when you are not using them so that they are ready for use next year.

First you should pay attention to the fabrics: wool and other typical winter fabrics such as cashmere and velvet are very delicate and require special treatment. First check the label to see if the fabric is machine-washable, then carefully follow the instructions in our article.

How to wash wool clothes

Use a very mild detergent, specially designed for wool, and don’t forget the softener (alternatively, you can add a natural softener, such as vinegar, to the washing water). Select the programme suitable for wool, or a programme for delicate garments, with the minimum spin speed, and adjust the thermostat to no more than 30 °C. You should pay the same attention to your woollen garments as you do when washing baby clothes. It is very important to take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the wash is finished, since damp wool tends to get matted very quickly. Another little tip: if you don’t want to use the full spin, squeeze the woollen garments in a towel.

How to wash cashmere clothes

Although cashmere is one of the most delicate fabrics around, this does not mean that it cannot be machine-washed. Simply follow a few simple steps to avoid damaging it. First, put the garment inside out in the washing machine or, better still, in a specific bag for washing underwear; then add a very small amount of gentle detergent for wool and select a short programme for wool or delicate garments, at a temperature that should never exceed 30 °C. Finally, make sure the full spin function is turned off, or set it at a low level.

How to wash velvet clothes

It is good practice not to use hot water to wash velvet. This fabric is usually not treated with very wash-resistant colours and tends to fade in water. So to avoid finding your favourite clothes discoloured and the rest of the laundry stained, always opt for a cold wash and put a colour capture pad in the washing machine to prevent unwanted transfers. In order not to damage the fabric, turn each garment upside down, so that during washing the garments do not rub together, losing hair and becoming irreparably damaged. Always use a mild liquid detergent suitable for wool and avoid powder detergent.

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The best way to save time... and to wash your delicate winter clothes!

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