Steam ironing of garments without creases

Ironing is perhaps the most hated household chore for both women and men; the opinion of many, nowadays, is that it is a useless waste of time. In reality the situation is somewhat different: in most cases, in fact, the difference between an ironed garment and a simply dried garment is very clear to see. On the other hand, it can not be denied that ironing takes time and, unfortunately, with the tight time schedules of our everyday life, time has now become a precious commodity. How, therefore, can you have well ironed garments without wasting hours and hours, whilst enjoying more free time. Candy has (more than) one solution to this age-old dilemma, thanks to the use of steam ironing.

Steam ironing inside the washing machine is actually possible

Innovation in the field of washing and tumble dry machines is a prerogative of Candy, which has always presented state-of-the-art products. If it is true that ironing costs time but is often mandatory, then a tool is needed that allows you to do it whilst saving time. The new Candy GrandOvita washers are designed for exactly this purpose. They have two steam cycle programmes, which are activated automatically once the wash cycle has been completed. Hygiene is particularly suitable for cotton garments, while Easy Iron is ideal for synthetic fabrics. The washing machine models equipped with an inverter motor, state-of-the-art in terms of silent operation and consumptions, also have, in addition to the Easy Iron cycle programme, the option to start a steam cycle when the wash cycle has been completed. This is a valid option to add to cycles for synthetic or coloured garments.

If cutting-edge washers use steam jets, this function certainly had to be available in the Candy washer dryer machines. They feature an Easy Iron steam programme, which is activated automatically as soon as the spin cycle has finished, so that the clothes are super soft and ready to wear. The machines equipped with a dryer also has a Refresh function; this is a simple steam cycle that does not include a wash cycle, but quickly refreshes the garments, which will be soft and fragrant in minutes: ideal for last minute emergencies.

The advantages of steam ironing

But what are the advantages of the new easy iron cycle programmes featured in Candy washer dryers? The true innovation lies in the addition of steam, which reduces creases on garments by 80%. The steam used by irons has, in fact, its own function of making the elimination of creases easier (as well as sanitising the garments): Candy products simply reproduce this utility directly during the wash cycle. All this will therefore allow users to save up to 50% of ironing time, leaving us free to enjoy more leisure time.

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