Keep consumption under control with simply-Fi

Keep consumption under control with simply-Fi

To keep everything under control you simply have to...

Do you have any idea how much waste you could avoid with small tricks? Electricity, water, detergent, time! It doesn't take much to save a little of everything and it will not only benefit your wallet but also the environment! But where do we start? You need to have a complete overview of the appliances we have in the house and how much they consume. How do we do it? Simple, with simply-Fi App!


With the simply-Fi app you can keep the instant consumption of all your appliances under control, as well as being able to control them remotely *. The consumption report will display 3 different levels: low (green), medium (yellow) and high (red).

As for washing machines and dryers, the app will provide you with a series of tips that will help you reduce consumption, in addition to the KG Detector function that sets the water consumption and washing time based on the weight of the laundry, avoiding waste of energy and ensuring a perfect wash.

*Smart Touch devices with NFC cannot be controlled remotely

Induction hob

Even on connected induction hobs simply-Fi gives you a hand. Thanks to the remote control with simply-Fi you can check the status of your hob at any time, wherever you are, by monitoring the remaining cooking time and the power of your hob. If an electrical problem occurs, again via the App, your hob will notify you promptly.

Thanks to Power Management you can easily set the maximum power during the installation phase or at any time* through the Candy simply-Fi App, always guaranteeing the best cooking results. You can decide to limit the power between 2.5 and 7.4 kW, even if you use all the cooking zones at the same time.

*depends on connected models.


How much waste when it comes to the refrigerator? Thanks to simply-Fi you can avoid them! Thanks to the Inventory Assistant function you can keep an eye on the expiry date of the food to avoid unnecessary waste. The app will also suggest the best position for the food inside the fridge to keep them fresh longer. Do you have to go on holiday? Don't worry, in case of a long absence or vacation, you can turn off the refrigerator and leave the freezer running.* This way you will save energy, and you will restart the refrigerator whenever you want.

*this feature is available only on Total No Frost models.

And the other appliances?

Don't worry, with simply-Fi you can receive reports on consumption and advice on maintenance on all appliances, to get a complete overview of the whole house. Find out more about our Connected Ovens and our Connected Dishwashers.

Keeping an eye on consumption together with some small precautions that we have already explained to you here will help you avoid unnecessary, as much avoidable, waste.

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