How to Find the Right Free-Standing Dishwasher for You

Discovering the ideal freestanding dishwasher that suits your needs

Dishwashers have rapidly become a household must, saving families and households time getting through their dishes, pots, and pans. 

If you’re looking to buy a free standing dishwasher for your home, there’s a lot to look forward to, but before you do, it’s always good to put some thought into what kind of dishwasher you want – especially when it comes down to thinking about size and money.

Different models will bring different advantages, so in this blog though, we’re going to take you through the different things you should take into consideration when choosing your free-standing dishwasher.

What is a free-standing dishwasher?

Before we get started, let’s quickly remind ourselves of what a free-standing dishwasher actually is.

Free standing dishwashers are dishwashers that aren’t built into your kitchen; instead, they are standalone appliances, they can operate anywhere where they have access to water and electricity.

Their counterpart is what we call a ‘built-in’ dishwasher, which is a dishwasher that is built into the kitchen itself, often installed in the design of the room.

How to choose the right one for you

There are few different models of free-standing dishwasher out there for you to choose from, so here’s a few things you should consider before you make your decision:

  1. Size

    Since you’ll be adding your free-standing dishwasher to your kitchen, space is going to be a major factor is which model you go for.

    Take those measurements down for the area you intend to put the dishwasher in. Measure width, depth and height for sizing and if it all fits then great. Larger dishwashers naturally give a bit more capacity for larger households, but slimline options are still an excellent addition to any kitchen.

  2. Energy rating

    Dishwashers take up their fair share of energy, just like any other sizeable kitchen appliance. So, if you want to be more sustainable with your energy use, or if you just want to save some money at the same time, go for a dishwasher with a better energy rating.

    These ratings go from A to G, with G being the worst and A being the best, and generally, the manufacturer will include the rating on the product description.

  3. Wash features

    It’s always worth keeping an eye for extra washing features on any dishwasher, free standing or otherwise – these features can save you time and ensure your kitchen equipment is kept fresh and in great condition.

    Some of these features can include things like ‘quick wash’, which has a reduced runtime, or extra-drying functions to dry things more thoroughly. Others can even be controlled by Wi-Fi, so you can get your dishwasher started without even having to go to the kitchen. 

Got an idea of the kind of free-standing dishwasher that’s right for you? At Candy, we’ve got a comprehensive selection of both free standing and integrated dishwashers, ready for you to discover.

Find out more and buy your dishwasher here.

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