5 things we do with our smartphone that we

5 things we do with our smartphone that we didn’t before

All life at your fingertips!

There are gestures or actions that come naturally to us today. We put our hand in our pocket, take out our phone and that's it. But until a few years ago some of these actions were unthinkable or in any case you never thought you could do them when and where you wanted. Technology has advanced to the point where everything you need is concentrated in the palm of your hand. Let's see together how smartphones have changed our daily routine!


Yes honestly, would you ever have thought you could watch TV from your mobile phone where and when you wanted? How many times did you have to miss the game or your favourite show because you were away from home? Now, thanks to mobile internet connections and live and streaming entertainment services, you can watch what you want, when you want but above all from wherever you want!

Take you where you want!

No, we're not talking about teleportation, we're not there yet. We are obviously talking about car sharing! Especially in recent years, urban mobility services have spread like wildfire in large cities, allowing users to rent cars for a short period. Not only is it possible to pay and open the car remotely directly from the smartphone, but it is also possible to have a complete overview of the city map that shows you where the nearest vehicle is!

Payments and wallets

Forgetting your wallet will never be a problem again. Thanks to NFC technologies, it is now possible to connect credit or debit cards to your smartphone and make payments in total safety by simply bringing your phone to the POS, incredible isn't it? Moreover, thanks to digital wallets we can keep our loyalty cards, tickets and much more!

Keep an eye on your vital signs

They allow you to always stay monitored. Smartphones, often supported by other devices such as wearable activity tracker, offer you a complete overview of your vital parameters. They keep track of your heart rate, your sleep hours, your steps and even the calories you lose during a physical activity. Extemporaneous results that can be stored and compared with each other, to allow you to always monitor your health and fitness in the best possible way.

Smart home and remote control

You have surely heard of home automation and smart homes. Thanks to the internet connection, it is possible to remotely control all household appliances, even when we are physically outside! No more endless buttons and continuous indecision, everything you need is on your smartphone.

Candy, making the most of the potential of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies and the possibility of remote control, has designed a range of fully connected appliances that can be easily controlled from your smartphone through our simply-Fi app. You can use it in the kitchen, starting an automatic cooking program for your induction hob or controlling your oven remotely, turning it on to heat it while remaining comfortably seated on the couch. You can use it to help you with your laundry, for example using the Snap & Wash function: just take a picture of your laundry to get advice on the best cycle to use on your RapidÓ washing machine . Discover all the features of our connected appliances. 

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