Inventory Assistant: what is it and how it works

Inventory Assistant: what is it and how it works

Let's discover the features of Candy's Inventory Assistant function

How many times has it happened to you, while going shopping, you no longer remember what you had at home? And how many times do you overestimate the quantity of food to buy, inevitably finding yourself having to throw away the expired food? Candy, thanks to the unique connectivity functions of the simply-Fi App, has also thought about how to solve this problem, let's see how!

What is an Inventory Assistant for?

In a world increasingly attentive to avoiding unnecessary waste, using a tool like an Inventory Assistant should be common practice. This function, present in our simply-Fi App, allows you to always have an overview of what you have at home, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences such as double purchases or over buying. But let's see together how this feature works in the various Candy appliances.

Should I buy some good Chianti, or maybe not!

If you own one of our wine coolers, in addition to being able to remotely set the temperature, with Candy's simply-Fi App and the Inventory Assistant function, you will be able to check which wines are stored in your wine cellar.

Just write or say with vocal commands to your simply-Fi App which wines you are storing in and/or removing from your wine cooler and DiVino will update you back any time you check it.

I like it a lot. If only I could also use it for laundry ...

It's helpful to always have the information you need at your fingertips, isn't it? This is why we decided to also use this concept on our washing machines. How many times have you felt satisfied with a particular wash that was particularly effective with a garment? Thanks to the "New Favourites" function of our simply-Fi App, you will be able to save a specific wash cycle of your RapidÓ washing machine as a favourite.


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