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How do I sanitize my shoes?
How do I sanitize my shoes?

You can wash and sanitize your shoes in the washing machine: here is how and what kind of shoes can be sanitized in the washing machine

Washing shoes in the washing machine is a pretty common practise, not just to clean them, but also to sanitize them. Obviously, the option of washing them in the washing machine, depends on the type of shoes: for instance, leather and suede shoes shouldn’t be washed like this. So, how do I sanitize my shoes and all their parts?

How to sanitize shoes, from the inside to the sole

The inside of shoes, and insoles in particular, is one of the parts more exposed to dirt, especially in spring and summer, when shoes are often worn without socks. For this reason, insoles should be cleaned regularly. Concerning fabric insoles, just use some water and Marseilles soap. On the other hand, leather insoles are more difficult to sanitize: instead of washing them under running water, opt for a slightly damp cloth.

Laces too should be sanitized. We recommend removing them before sanitizing the shoes: you can easily wash them in the washing machine and then iron them, unless they are made of synthetic materials.

Another important thing is sanitizing the soles. In this case, you can opt for an antibacterial spray with silver particles that removes bacteria and foul smells quickly. Spray it directly on the sole and wait a few minutes, before wearing the shoes.

How to sanitize your sneakers in the washing machine

In order to sanitize your shoes in the washing machine, you must carry out some important preliminary steps:

  • Remove the laces.
  • Do not place more than 2 shoes in the washing machine at a time, and always place them into a fabric sack to protect both the shoes and the appliance.
  • Remove any dirt residues using a soft dust brush or an old toothbrush, in case of mud. Run the soles under running water to remove any pebbles or soil that may end up in the washing machine drain.
  • Remove any stains with a soft damp cloth.

In general, you can run a sanitizing cycle for sneakers, espadrilles and other canvas or cotton shoes. You can use two programs: the sports program, for technical materials, or the synthetic fabrics program. Set the temperature around 30 °C and the spin cycle at 600 revolutions or less. Always use a specific liquid detergent when washing the shoes in the washing machine, to preserve their characteristics. Lastly, remember to let the shoes dry outside, in the shade, without exposing them directly to sunlight and sources of heat.

With these few simple tips, you can’t go wrong and your shoes will be perfectly cleaned and sanitized!

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