How clean the glass inside the oven

How can I do to clean the glass inside the oven in the kitchen

Hands up who has never entered in a crisis to clean the oven of the kitchen! Especially if you’re a master chef, you know that the deposit of fat and oil don’t forgive you. Among home chores, no doubt, this is one of the most challenging, but with a few simple tips you will learn how to do it without problems.

Why is it so important to keep the glass clean inside?

Keeping the glass clean inside of the oven is critical not only to have a better control of the food being cooked but above all, a dirt and grease oven glass can affect the accuracy of the cooking as well as the quality and hygiene of the food.

Good habits for a shining oven

Prevention is better than cure so, after each baking, it’s a good routine to make a quick cleaning. How? Make the oven door completely cool down, passing a damp dishcloth on the glass to soften the fat and remove it with a small shovel any remaining dirt. Finally, rinsing it with water.

What do you have to do to clean the glass inside the oven at best?

To clean the inner glass deeply you must remove the oven door: we show you how.

  • Open the oven door and lock the hinges as shown in the following figures;
  • Remove the screws and the metal top cover, pulling it upwards (see figure);
  • Finally, as shown in the following figures, extract the glass from the inner door of the oven ready, at this point, to be clean.
  • After cleaning remember to refit all the components in the right order and to release the hinges as shown below.

What products can I use for cleaning?

In addition to the detergents on the market, the most stubborn deposits of fat can be removed with a degreasing mixture based on water and bicarbonate (dose: 300 g sodium bicarbonate, 0,10 liters of water) to be applied on the glass after having cleaned with a cloth soaked in hot water to remove the dirt lighter.

Distribute the mixture on the inner glass and leave it on for fifteen minutes before removing it carefully with a soft damp cloth. To make the glass full shining, complete the cleaning applying white vinegar and let it work for 15 minutes.

A clean and ready to use oven

Following our advice the oven cleaning require little effort and the result will be perfect.

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