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hOn induction hob: all things you can do.

hOn induction hob: all things you can do.

Use your smart induction hob to its full potential!

Eating is one of the most beautiful things in life.
Especially when someone cooks for you. What if this “someone” was your smart induction hob? The Candy induction hob connected via hOn App, comes with a world of smart features that make your everyday life in the kitchen much easier and fun.
How does it work? Read our article and discover more.

You can have all the answers at your fingertips.

With the Candy smart induction hob everything is under your control: you can check the status of your hob anytime directly from your hOn App, but not only that.
You can also control which zones are on, which is the power level, how much cooking time is left and even if the child lock is engaged.

You can set the ideal cooking functions from your phone.

Enhance the taste of your recipes, by choosing the ideal cooking program.
Access the hOn App and choose from 5 different functions in the “Programs” section:
- Frying (ideal to brown white meat, cook eggs and omelet and sautè the vegetables)
- Boiling (ideal to boil vegetables, pasta, rice or cereals)
- Melting (ideal for melting butter, chocolate and heat slowly)
- Simmering (perfect to make sauces, pot roasts and stews)
- Keep warm (to keep your cooked dish warm until serving)
You can easily set the desired program with a simple tap and even select your favourite ones.

You can get a world of recipes.

Access the hOn app and go on the “Recipe” section. You will find different recipes with instructions and ingredients. For each recipe is also indicated the difficulty level, the preparation time, the quantities of ingredients according to the portions and the necessary steps. Once you are ready with your ingredients, you can launch the recipe directly from the app.

You can get cooking suggestions.

Do you need suggestions on how to cook your recipe?
Let the hOn App help you.
Go on the “Special” section, select the type of food you want to cook such as “Meat” and click on “continue”. Then select the type of meat (or dessert or egg etc.) you want to prepare such as “chicken legs” and click on “next”. Then you’ll have to select the cooking mode you prefer such as “grill”. In this way, you will get some useful tips on how to cook your chicken legs, such as the suggested power level, the cooking time, the oil needed etc.

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