Home renovation: tips and ideas, what to do

Home renovation: tips and ideas, what to do

Every now and then a home needs some renovation, either for specific structural and/or aesthetic reasons or because the people who live there would like a change.

Typically, people tend to renovate their house at particular times of the calendar year, i.e. the beginning the year, the spring and the autumn.

Everyone starts the new year with good intentions and lots of ideas that come to mind during the holidays. Spring and autumn are the season for change and - why not? They are often a good time to freshen up your home (and not just your wardrobe).

Below, we have set out some simple advice on how to change your home quickly at no extra cost (or spending very little).

1. Furniture

If you have the room and are able to, moving the furniture around is a great way to immediately change how your home appears and is perceived. Any marks on walls and/or floors can be easily covered with pictures, carpets or stickers in the children’s room. Among other things, this means you don’t have to paint the walls again.

2. Cushions

The living room is one of the rooms you spend the most time in, so it must be a pleasant place you want to be in. To achieve this, try changing the cushions on the sofa, armchairs or other chair seats. If you are on a budget, just buy cushion covers with different patterns, or cushions of different sizes and shapes - just changing or moving them around alters your living room’s appearance completely.

3. Mirrors, frames and photographs

Add photographs, move pictures and replace frames by buying new ones or changing the colour of the ones you already have. Where possible, add mirrors because they are excellent at giving greater light and depth to any room - a very effective trick in small flats.

4. Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are a great way to update the appearance of a home with a touch of colour and freshness. If they are looked after, they can last for a long time.

5. Inside curtains

A good idea is to change your curtains according to your sofa coverings and cushions, or depending on the season. It is a pleasant  way of marking the passage of time and having drapes that are always fresh and clean. In this way your flat will always look different.

6. Lights

Nowadays, increasing or decreasing the light in your home is quick and easy. There are plenty of lamps and lights on the market, including low cost ones, that do not need to be fixed to a wall. You can choose from trendy lamps and lights which are available in very different shapes and materials, with lots of colour and are perfect for this purpose.

7. Carpets

Adding a carpet is enough to change the appearance of any room. A carpet must be chosen with care, considering all the colour pairings, the material it is made from and the size, which must be suited to the room.

Other than adding, moving or changing a few elements, it is important to remember that, most of the time, removing clutter is enough to renew your home. You will have more room and a greater amount of space and this, in itself, is enough to give your home a new appearance.

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