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Father's Day: ideas for creative arts and crafts

Father's Day: ideas for creative arts and crafts

Father’s Day falls on the 19 March each year in Italy and represents an occasion to celebrate dads everywhere (in addition to St Joseph), key figures for the growth and education of each and every child.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with the inspiration needed to make Father's Day truly special, by involving your children in various arts and crafts activities, which can then be gifted to dad for the occasion. Here’s a few simple suggestions and ideas to give dad a surprise he’ll always remember.

Paperweight with stones

Making a paperweight using stones is a simple and quick endeavour. Children will also have an additional excuse to go to the park to procure the materials necessary for this project. What you’ll need and a how-to guide With just a few items, you’ll be able to make dad a truly lovely gift:

  • large stones, better if washed first;
  • finger or acrylic paint in different colours;
  • felt-tips of varying sizes.

To begin, choose a stone that is fairly large and as smooth as possible. Draw a face on the smooth surface of the stone that may or may not resemble dad. Colour it in using the felt-tips and paint.

Alternatively, you could choose to decorate your stone by gluing different materials and objects to its surface, so as to create a dad-inspired ‘avatar’. You could, for example, use:

  • buttons for the eyes;
  • wool for the hair;
  • another stone for the nose;
  • wire to make glasses and so forth.

For a little family fun, you could even make paperweights of all the family members using additional stones.

Family home with photo-windows

This arty Father’s Day endeavour is perfect for children who love drawing and colouring in.

Following our instructions, you’ll make a house with windows that reveal photos, drawings or affectionate Father’s Day messages.

What you’ll need and a how-to guide

  • sheet of paper;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • scissors or box cutter;
  • photos or drawings.

Draw a classic house shape complete with pointed roof, door and windows (one for each member of the family) on a piece of paper. Once the drawing is complete, your child will be able to colour the house in and decorate it as they please. Now, with the help of an adult, your child can cut out and ‘open’ the windows and doors using the box cutter.

Behind each window, glue a photo, drawing or Father’s Day message. A most welcome gift that dads will be able to keep for years to come as a physical reminder of this day.

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