Candy & Dash: make a sustainable choice and wash with cold water.

Did you know that 60% of washing emissions are due to water heating?

Impeccable results washing in cold water: Dash's suggestions.

If you want to wash laundry in an environmentally-friendly way and reduce CO2 emissions, you need to know that the higher the washing temperature, the higher the greenhouse gas emissions and electricity bills. If you think that cold water cannot guarantee optimal washing results, then think again! Find out how Dash and Candy can help you.

Is washing at lower temperatures less effective?

Old habits die hard, it's true. Many of us still believe that lowering the temperature compromises the cleanliness of our clothing. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, thanks to the recent innovations developed by both the manufacturers of appliances and detergents. In recent years, washing machines have come a long way in terms of improving their efficiency. Dash, a well-known manufacturer of detergents, thanks to its experience and commitment to protecting the environment, has developed detergents suitable for low temperatures, so that washing with cold water can provide truly brilliant results!

What are the benefits of washing in cold water?

Even small things can have a big impact, and this also applies to washing our laundry at low temperatures. Here are the main advantages of washing with cold water:
It protects the colours of the garments, preventing fading;
It minimises the risk of fabric shrinkage;
It prolongs the life of the garments;
It allows you to save on your electricity bills, thanks to energy savings of up to 60%;
It reduces the CO2 emissions produced during the washing of laundry and minimises the environmental impact.

How to wash clothes in an eco-friendly way with Dash and the Candy App

App washing programmes combined with Dash products will be your allies when it comes to eco-friendly laundry. Just follow these four simple steps:

Use the right laundry products: washing in cold water is really simple, as long as you have the right detergent. Use Dash All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules after loading the washing machine and set a lower temperature. Dash's power will take care of everything else thanks to the unique combination of detergent actives, including patented enzymes and wash enhancers. These ensure brilliant cleaning, removing the most stubborn stains, even at low temperatures. You'll get a deep, sanitising clean whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Take a look at the Tips&Hints on the app to learn more about what constitutes the ideal product for your laundry needs.

Choose a cold cycle: the app will help you at this stage. Go to the list of washing machine programmes.
Thanks to the filtering tool, you’ll find a list of the most environmentally-friendly programmes. By combining low-temperature programmes with Dash products, you’ll achieve perfectly clean but - above all - cheaper laundry.

Track your progress: the app provides you with in-depth stats to analyse your washing style and see your progress. For example, through a simple graph you can monitor the temperature distribution of the cycles launched and observe the benefits of using a high-performance product, such as that provided by Dash.

Take care of your washing machine: the production of a new washing machine requires large amounts of energy, not to mention the emissions produced by its shipment to your home. The most ecological choice is therefore to take care of your washing machine to prolong its life and postpone when you will need to buy a new one as much as possible. The app - thanks to the section dedicated to maintenance - will provide you with some tools and tips useful for maintaining the optimal state of your washing machine.

So, are you ready to wash in cold water? Remember, every degree makes a difference!

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