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Can I dry wool clothing in my tumble dryer?

Can I dry wool clothing in my tumble dryer?

Tumble dryer and wool: enemies or friends?

It is often claimed that the tumble dryer is the worst enemy of wool garments. Well, that's not entirely true. In fact, certain clothes can be safely dried in the dryer, without being damaged or shrunk. Go ahead to discover how your appliance can be a worthy replacement for flat dry, saving you time and energy.

Golden rules

First of all, you should make sure that your tumble dryer comes with a specific programme for wool. Second golden rule: always check your garment care label to verify that it can be washed in the dryer and proceed exclusively if the "ok tumble" symbol is present. If you don’t find it on the label, it’s better to flat dry your wool garment.

It is also advised to use a dryer that has been approved by the Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool which certifies the authenticity and quality of the fiber.

For example, the wool drying cycle of Candy Rapido’ has been approved by the Woolmark Company.

Precious tips

Don't be afraid when the time to wash your wool clothes comes: just follow these simple tricks to treat your laundry with delicacy.

  • Do not overload the drum. Drying programmes are usually designed to dry up to 1kg of garments (around 3 jumpers);
  • turn your clothes inside out before drying;
  • if your clothes are heavy, they will probably be damp at the end of the cycle. Just hang them outside, away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloring;
  • get your clothes off the tumble dryer as soon as the cycle is completed.

Fragrant and faster

Have you ever pulled your wool clothes out of the dryer and find out that they smell a bit musty?

This trick is for you. You will enjoy the amazing dryer balls, an eco-friendly and natural alternative to fabric softener. Just spill a few drops of your favourite essential oils inside each dryer ball and put them in the drum: the result will be a scented laundry you have never had before.

Plus, the dryer balls keep the garments separated and absorb moisture, reducing drying time up to 25%.

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