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All About The Grill Function Of the Oven

All About The Grill Function Of the Oven

Discover All The Capabilities Of Your Oven With Grill, How To Clean It And How To Get the Most From It When cooking Your Favorite Recipes

There are two critical parts to using an oven successfully. The first is understanding the various functions, including knowing what does the grill symbol looks like on an oven and, the second is making sure you keep it clean and presentable.

Cleaning an oven doesn’t just mean it looks good. This prevents your oven from smoking and smelling as well as tainting the food while you’re cooking it.

Ovens With Grill

Most modern ovens, like the Pyrolytic Smart Steam Oven, have grills built into them. This makes them a perfect solution for all your cooking needs, simply switch between oven and grill as and when you need to.

However, you should consider the grill function and what else your oven offers when you are choosing your oven. You can discover the range of Candy ovens: you will find the appliance that best suits your needs and your favorite recipes.

In order to get the best out of your oven with grill or locate the issue when the fan oven not heating up but grill is, you need to spend a little time reading your oven manual. This will be surprisingly enlightening, allowing you to understand what does the grill symbol looks like on an oven, and which dials perform which functions. It can even answer questions like does a single oven have a grill. Candy's grill function is particularly suitable for cooking medium and small thickness meats. There is also the ventilated grill function which offers an interesting alternative to the rotisserie.

An oven with a grill will have an additional element at the top of the oven which works as a grill. It helps the oven to remain compact but the grill cannot normally be used when you are cooking in the oven. If you do this a lot you will need a separate oven.

Keeping Your Oven Clean

To get the most out of your oven you need to keep it clean and in good condition. This is surprisingly easy, especially if you clean it regularly as it prevents dirt from building up and being stubborn to remove.

Of course, there are techniques, such as to remove stubborn dirt and charred grease from ovens and grills you can use Care + Protect professional oven degreaser. Spray it on, wait, and then wipe it off to remove the dirt.

Don’t forget, your oven may have a self-clean feature, most Candy ones do. If you have already read the manual you will know whether your oven has one or not. If the answer is yes then you should be using it periodically, it will help keep it clean. Some Candy ovens offer a double cleaning system: Pyrolysis (for deep cleaning) and Aquactiva (a quick cleaning system to be used every day).

You should also give your oven a deep clean two to three times a year. This will ensure any residue dirt is removed and keep your oven functioning at the peak of its efficiency.

Additional Cleaning Points

When cleaning your oven with grill you should remember the following:

  • Unplug it before you clean
  • Look for deformities on your burners
  • Check door gaskets
  • Make sure the airflow around the oven is good
  • Never remove the knobs to clean, spraying  things in the holes can get you electrocuted

No matter how good the grill function, it will take a few moments to heat up. Most modern ovens with grills have a full grill and a half grill. Check for the symbol, a zigzag line above a square. The half grill, if you have it, means only the centre part of the grill will get hot, instead of the entire grill. It is good for economy.

Don’t forget, your oven door needs to be open to use the grill effectively. Read your manual before you start using and you will be surprised at what you learn.

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