5 gifts that will make wine lovers happy

5 gifts for wine lovers

The most original and useful gift ideas for wine lovers.

When it comes to giving a gift it is always like this, you never have the right idea. Especially if the recipient has some particular passions. Have you ever found yourself making a gift to a wine lover and not knowing how to behave? Giving a bottle would be risky if you are not a real expert, better to opt for nice and useful gadgets. Let's find them out together!

Professional corkscrew

We know what you are thinking. A corkscrew is a cheap idea. No, if you give a professional corkscrew. We are not talking about the classic corkscrew found in all kitchens, but a professional corkscrew like that of sommeliers, with lever operation. You could give one with a decorated wooden handle, perhaps handmade. A unique gift that will amaze those who receive it!

Bottle holder

For a self-respecting wine lover, a good bottle holder is always an appreciated gift. They exist in various shapes and sizes, made with different materials, designed for one or more bottles. There are several, from simple metal ones to more particular wooden ones. Choose the one that best matches the receiver's furnishings!


A decanter is a tool that all wine lovers should have. It is a carafe whose purpose is to make the wine oxygenate well before serving it. Usually, it is used for vintage wines to allow correct oxygenation but this does not mean that it can also be used at the table to present the wine in an elegant and refined way.

Tasting glass

The glass of wine is the "final" tool that allows tasting. Giving a single glass, perhaps finely decorated by hand, or an entire set of glasses will be a guaranteed success. Here too, the choice is vast. Various sizes and shapes for a guaranteed wow effect!

Wine coolers

If wine, rather than just a hobby, is a real passion, then a wine cooler will be the most welcome gift you can make. The wine cellars will not only allow you to keep the wines of your collection at a perfect temperature but will also maintain a constant humidity level that will not spoil your wines.

Candy wine coolers, available in various sizes of 21, 41 or 82 bottles, combine style and practicality. Enhance your dishes with the most suitable wine for the occasion and drink a good glass in the company of family and friends. Candy wine coolers maintain the humidity level between 50 and 80% and guarantee the conservation of your wine always at the right temperature.

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