Laundry tips after a weekend at the beach

How to wash bathing suits and beach towels

Our desire to escape to the beach is getting stronger and stronger, especially as the temperatures rise. Those of us who are lucky enough to get to spend an enjoyable weekend at the beach have to contend with endless garments, towels and bathing suits on our return. Candy however comes to the rescue, helping us to navigate the numerous programmes provided with its washing machines and enabling us to find the option most suited to our needs. In this way, you’ll be able to truly enjoy and make the most of your weekend beach getaway.

So, what can ruin bathing suits and beach towels?

Effectively washing bikinis, bathing suits and towels is important not only for the obvious hygiene reasons, but also to best maintain your favourite garments. There are in fact a number of different factors that could damage fabrics, making them less soft or even wearing them out in the long run. For starters, we're referring to the salt that finds its way between fibres and is difficult to dislodge; the same can be said for chlorine, if instead of going to the beach, you’ve chosen to spend the weekend in the pool. Even sunscreen residue, similar to sweat, can leave halos on towels and bathing suits. Last but not least, we can't possibly forget the sand - those tiny grains that are exceptionally difficult to remove unless we resort to a truly thorough wash.

How to wash beach towels and bathing suits

If it’s true to say that washing beachwear by hand can sometimes be sufficient to get the job done, then it’s also true to say that a wash in the washing machine is highly recommended at least every 4/5 outings, since this is the only way to effectively remove all dirt residues and achieve the maximum level of hygiene. And if you’re wondering if machine washing will ruin swimwear with embroidery or appliqué details, the answer is a resounding no, as long as you choose the right programme! It’s in fact important to use the spin-dryer on the lowest possible setting or skip it entirely should your bathing suit be particularly delicate. You should then opt for a special detergent that preserves the quality of your fabrics. When it comes to hanging your garments out to dry, take care not to expose them to direct sunlight, so as to prevent fading.

By following our advice, you’ll be able to make the most out of your weekend beach getaway and will have immaculately clean and pleasantly-scented bathing suits, clothing and towels in no time. You’ll subsequently be ready to kick-start a new week, without the stress caused by an abundance of chores to complete on your return.

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