Smart Touch
Smart Touch

Make your laundry routine easier

Candy presents the exciting evolution of the NFC simply-Fi App: a world of new and updated features for a smarter and easier laundry routine.
Thanks to the Smart Touch assistant and the NFC technology, your appliance can easily interact with your smartphone when in close proximity.
Simply download or update the Candy simply-Fi App, tap the smartphone on the machine and fully enjoy all Candy smart features.

A world of smart features

Guided washing to simplify your laundry

If you need help to choose the program, enjoy the guided washing via App: simply insert your laundry fabric and type, the dirty level and colour. The App will tell you which is the best program to set. Easy, isn’t it?!

Smart check-up to extend the life of your washer

The app allows you to check the maintenance status of your appliance in order to extend its life, assuring great performance for years to come. In case of error or fault, the smart guide helps you to easily solve issues by yourself.

Usage statistics to keep everything under control

You can control your most frequently used programs and temperatures trends to learn how to optimize your washing habits and consumption efficiency.

Smart cycles to meet your needs

Some types of garments request special care: the candy App offers a list of more than 20 special and additional washing programs to match each of your laundry needs.

Washing reminders to help with your laundry

How many times do you forget to wash something? Don’t worry: now you can set a periodical reminder, which remembers you with a notification when to wash certain items.

Tips&Hints for a perfect washing experience

A useful piece of advice is always welcome when it’s about laundry.
Candy knows it and that’s why you can use the Candy App to access a whole world of extra tips and dedicated hints (such as the way to treat stains, read and recognize washing label symbols and much more).