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Are you using your fridge fully?

Performance, efficiency, ease of use: the Candy connected fridges will definitely simplify your daily life. Discover how to use them fully by trying all their unique connectivity features on the Candy App: a complete set of smart solutions, special functions and dedicated tips to easily store your food at best.

Get the best tips with the food locator

Sometimes it’s not easy to be sure about the best place where to put foods in the fridge, especially when it’s a new ingredient. Select your foods on the Candy App and get dedicated tips and suggestions about the right location to preserve it in a perfect way for longer.

Get the best tips with the food locator
Talk to your fridge

Interact with your fridge in the smartest way by simply using your voice via smartphone or smart speakers. Change settings and temperatures, ask questions and get real-time suggestions about the best storage methods.

Talk to your fridge
Control your fridge remotely

Use the Candy App to set and adjust the cooling power of your fridge remotely. In case of need, like higher external temperature or increased stored food quantity, you can activate a boost option and set the Super Freezing or Super Cooling setting to make sure that all your foods are preserved perfectly.

Control your fridge remotely
Chill out with the smart drink assistant

In the mood for a fresh drink or soda? Just choose your favourite, put it in your fridge and get a personalised notification via Candy App when it reaches the right temperature.

Chill out with the smart drink assistant
Save energy while you’re away

Going on holiday? Activate Holiday Mode to minimize your energy consumption when you are not at home. Restart the fridge remotely via Candy App to have it ready to use once you’re back home.

Save energy while you’re away
Try the Candy inventory assistant

Keep track of your grocery shopping and make weekly meal planning easy with the Candy Inventory Assistant. Use the Candy App to list of all the foods stored in your fridge or chest freezer and get notifications when they’re about to expire to avoid food waste and optimize your expenses.

Try the candy inventory assistant
What is the difference between simply-Fi and hOn?

While simply-Fi is the very first app developed by Candy, all Candy connected appliances produced after 2020 use hOn: the Haier Group’s new connectivity hub. Some products with the simply-Fi app are still available on the market, but this is not an issue: both apps allow you to fully enjoy Candy's smart connectivity features. So, which app should I download? Easy: the one that is pictured on the product! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Download the hOn App


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