The authentic shape of smart cooking

Say hello to Candy Essenza, the smart microwave designed for those who look for a hard-working microwave that looks beautiful too. Thanks to its more than 130 delicious recipes and a world of extra tips, you can prepare fast and delicious recipes and get daily cooking inspiration. Plus, its minimalist design and superior materials will add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Discover the whole range
Discover the whole range

hOn cooking experience

Make cooking a piece of cake thanks to all the smart features on your hOn App.
Smart recipes, tips and tricks, cooking methods and unexpected usages of your microwave, will make your life in the kitchen easier and quicker than ever. Keep reading to discover how them all can help you.

More than 130 recipes

Do you think that microwave cooking is boring? Well, Candy will make you change your mind! Open the “Recipes” section on the Candy hOn App and discover 130+ dedicated recipes created by a chef and a food blogger.

Tips and tricks

Did you know that you can use your microwave to make the cacio e pepe sauce or even to prepare tomato confit? Access the “Tips & Tricks” section of the Candy App and enjoy all the unexpected uses of your Candy smart microwave.


It is crystal clear: this microwave belongs to the Essenza kitchen collection. You can tell by the superior materials, the elegant lines and the minimalist style. Not to mention the attention to aesthetics and ergonomics, visible from premium finishing (just watch the handle!).


Automatic cooking settings for the challenging preparations

Sit back: the Candy microwave will cook it for you. The only effort required is picking up a recipe from more than 40 automatic cooking settings (that include even the challenging preparations such as dough and yogurt) then let your new ally in the kitchen do the rest.

Autoclean program to make cleaning a child’s play

The Autoclean program helps you to easily clean your appliance and remove unpleasant odors. How does it work? Put some water into a plastic container and select the program: the steam will soften all the food residues so that you can easily remove them!

Smart temperature function for the most challenging preparation

The Essenza microwave allows you to tackle even the most elaborate cooking, such as drying, leavening or low temperature.

Bake&cakes program for your tea break with friends

Impromptu tea break with friends? Make everything easier with the Bake&Cakes program, which allows you to prepare croissants, jams and muffins in no time!

Child Lock for the safety of your children

Safety is our first priority. This is why the Essenza Microwave comes with the Child Lock that prevents the microwave from being used unintentionally by children.

Daily use


Use the microwave function to easily reheat your favorite dishes and drinks in a few minutes.


The Candy Essenza includes both microwave and grill functions. The combi model features 5 special functions that help you even with the most challenging preparations: dough rising, yogurt, drying, slow cooking and sous vide.

Steam cooking*

The Essenza microwave comes with the steam accessory, which makes your microwave cooking quicker and easier, preserving all the primary nutrients of your ingredients, even during the defrost process. How to use it? Just follow these simple steps:

1. Add some water in the bottom part of the pot.

2. Insert the grid.

3. Place your food on the grid.

4. Cover it with a lid.

5. Place it in the microwave and press Start.


*depending on the models

Speed Defrost

Your new Essenza let you choose between two options:

● Defrosting by weight. Select the weight of your produce (from 100g to 200g) and the appropriate defrosting is automacally set;

● Defrosting by time. You can choose the defrosting time from 10 up to 95 min.

Select the desired function and your microwave will thaw your food in no time.