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Is your energy bill rocketing? Cut costs with Candy

Energy savings of up to 50%

Choose the best domestic appliances for a smarter, more energy-efficient home

Washing machines

Smart and efficient laundry experience.

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Tumble dryers

Dry clothes with the maximum efficiency.

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Washer dryers

Doing laundry has never been so easy.

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Save up to £1033 with the RapidO’ 7 kg washing machine*

Washing Machines

Save up to 30 washes** a year

Candy washing machines guarantee energy efficiency and top-quality performance, with complete respect for the environment.

  • 1. Reduce water consumption with the Speed Drive Inverter motor

  • 2. Make energy savings of 20-50%*** when heating the water

  • 3. Double cleaning performance even at low temperatures


Tumble dry your load consuming just 0.7 kw/h**

Optimise your energy consumption by 70% with the Heat Pump system and Kilo Detector function. And with the new class A+++ RapidO’ tumble dryer you can save up to £1925***!


-70% water, time and energy with a half load

Our household appliances minimise energy waste. And if you only use the wash cycle, the RapidO’ washer dryer guarantees class A performances!

Discover exactly how much you can save

With Youreko you can discover the real economic benefit of purchasing a low consumption appliance in just a few clicks. For example, with the RapidO’ you can save up to £81 a year* compared with the least efficient model on the market. Look for the Youreko energy efficiency badge, you’ll find it on every product.

* Calculated on the basis of 5.5 uses a week every week for 1 year at the current rate of 66.01 GBP per kWh

How does it work?
Make electricity and water savings and control your domestic appliances with the hOn app

Get the best out of your Candy domestic appliances with the hOn app: with Snap&Wash you can save 1750 litres of water a year, the equivalent of 35 showers*.

* Calculated on the basis of a 10 kg class A WM – 59 min Rapid wash and 20° Cotton programme compared with a full load ECO programme at 40-60°, used 100 times a year.

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Still have some doubts? Check out the FAQ

In England the cheapest time of day to run domestic appliances is between 23.00 and 7.00 from Monday to Saturday, as well on Sundays and holidays. Using appliances at off-peak times is a good starting point but with top of the range domestic appliances energy savings are guaranteed at all times!

Ask Youreko for help! This tool enables you to choose the domestic appliance that best fits your needs, also prioritising energy savings: compare devices by typing in use frequency and the rates of your energy operator, for example, to calculate the actual savings you can make in your bill.

Pay attention to energy class! The new label - used for washing machines, washer dryers, fridges/freezers and dishwashers - adopts a colour scale that goes from red, for the most inefficient domestic appliances (class G), through to green, for the most efficient devices (class A).

Household energy consumption not only depends on the efficiency of our domestic appliances but also on the way we use them. When using the washing machine, for example, limit the wash cycle temperature to a maximum of 40°. And to minimise waste, avoid rinsing dishes by hand before putting them in the dishwasher. Finally, don’t leave the fridge door open for long periods and if you are using the oven use the fan setting to speed up the cooking process. With energy bills on the rise, a few little energy-saving actions in the home can make all the difference!