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If you are looking for a great kitchen assistant, Candy has just what you need.

Candy CookinApp is the microwave that helps you to prepare delicious meals for you and your family, thanks to its automatic cooking and defrost programs.

Focused on making your kitchen life easy as a breeze, it is designed to guarantee tasty results, energy-saving, and functionality.

Plus, thanks to the simply-Fi App you can access a whole world of dedicated contents, tips and recipes.

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simply-Fi Cooking Experience

Cooking is going to be easier than ever thanks to the simply-Fi App and its world of dedicated contents: smart recipes, tips and tricks, cooking methods and unexpected usages of your microwave.

Just download it to learn how to make the most of your new Candy CookinApp.

simply-Fi Cooking Experience

The new ECO function saves energy when in standby mode, shutting down all the LEDs if not needed.

The intuitive Start Express function enables you to use maximum power.

Each time you press the button, an extra 30 seconds are added to the cooking time.

Thanks to Masterclean cavity with a new smoother inner shape, grease and dirt stuck in narrow fissures will no longer be a problem.

With the Cooking Surround Technology, wave propagation has been balanced, with the form and the dimension of each cavity calculated.

Every product is therefore designed to produce the best cooking results.

Automatic Cooking Programs
Automatic Cooking Programs

Cooking has never been so simple.

If you’d like to delight your guests or your family, you just have to pick up a recipe from more than 40 options: the Candy CookinApp will cook it for you.

defrost program
Defrost Program

Just set the weight of the food or the defrost time and Candy CookinApp will take care of everything else.

sound off
Sound Off

You can set your microwave to “mute” whenever you want according to your needs.

Child Lock

The Child Lock prevents the microwave from being used unintentionally by children, ensuring absolute safety in the kitchen.

Steam accessory

The new Candy Steam accessory lets you enjoy quicker and smart microwave cooking, preserving the primary nutrients and all the genuine flavors of your ingredients.

You can purchase the accessory even separately.

Steam accessory