Forgot about detergent? No worries!

Detergent is over? Get it directly at home with the dash replenishment service empowered by Candy

You already know a lot about the Candy washing smartness, but what if there was a new way to make the most of your Bianca, save time, and live a no-hassle life? Discover how Candy empowered the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service on the simply-Fi App and forget about detergent supplying!

Candy simply-Fi includes now the Amazon Dash Replenishment service

How many times did you forget about washing detergent? Access the Candy simply-Fi App to activate the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service and set up automatic orders of your favourite detergent and softener to receive them directly at homeRead more to find out how it works!

Levels are low? The App orders more!

Subscribe to the personalized auto-reordering service and the Candy simply-Fi App will track the usage of all your selected detergents automatically according to the number of performed cycles. When the product levels drop below the threshold, Amazon will automatically re-order and deliver them directly at home.

Turn the service on directly on the Candy simply-Fi App

How to turn on the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service? Just start the Candy simply-Fi App and follow this easy steps:

  1. Access the “Settings” section;
  2. Access the “Amazon Dash Replenishment” settings;
  3. Set the desired “Check-up” and “Maintenance-up” notifications;
  4. Click on “Get started” and subscribe the service.
simply-Fi APP

*The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service subscription is free. You will receive a notification email for each automatic reorder. You will have 24 hours to cancel the reorder and the Service will be suspended after two cancellations.