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Are you using your domestic appliances fully?

Simplify your life with Candy connectivity


Try the Candy multicontrol to enable a dynamic and innovative interaction that always fits your needs. Manage and check on your connected appliances anytime, wherever you are. Stuck in the traffic and having guests for dinner? Pre-heat your oven via Candy App! Last-minute tennis match and still in the office? Start your washing machine! Try the Candy remote control and save time for the things you like the most.

Full guidance

The Candy App always supports you in clarifying your doubts and managing your activities at best. Discover a brand new, smart full guidance experience: a series of step-by-step easy procedures that will quickly bring you to the solution you need. Which is the right program to start? The Candy App will tell you! Where to store a particular food? The Candy App knows it! How to  always keep up with expiring dates? The Candy App reminds you! 

Special content

The Candy connected world is full of surprises! Use the Candy App to access a full set of dedicated content, specifically created to help you use your appliances at their full potential: special recipes, tips & tricks, and unexpected usages that will make your everyday life easier and more fun!

Easy maintenance

Periodical maintenance is so important to keep your appliances working perfectly for longer, but remember about it is not always easy. Now you can relax! The Candy in App guide will always tell you how and what to do, supporting you in fixing minor issues. It will also help you by sending you notifications and smart reminders about the necessary maintenance activities for all your connected appliances. Plus, the App will notify the Candy service about what’s happening so that they will be always there to help you in real-time.

Efficiency tracking

Efficiency is not optional and Candy knows it. Thanks to the Candy App you can be always updated about your appliances’ consumptions, get information about your most used programs, and learn how to improve performance and optimize consumption efficiency through dedicated tips.

What is the difference between simply-Fi and hOn?

While simply-Fi is the very first app developed by Candy, all Candy connected appliances produced after 2020 use hOn: the Haier Group’s new connectivity hub. Some products with the simply-Fi app are still available on the market, but this is not an issue: both apps allow you to fully enjoy Candy's smart connectivity features. So, which app should I download? Easy: the one that is pictured on the product! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Download the hOn App