Activities of recovery of some hobs

Candy Hoover Group pays special attention to the quality and safety of its products and customer satisfaction is our main goal. That is why we felt it necessary, after careful controls, an audit of the functionality of a component used on some cooking surfaces made from 01 April to 30 September 2010.

Manufacturer and place of manufacture

USINE de Rosieres, France. Factory of Candy Group


There is a potential risk of gas leakage in certain extreme conditions of temperature and pressure of gas: this could generate a fire.


VCheck the serial number of your machine to know if it needs to be verified. To find out if your product is included in the list fittings, check the list below:
Please provide the list of product codes:

Appliance modelSerial number corresponding
PV 640 SX33800201
PV 750 SX33800207
PSP 640 GRAFITE33800217
PSP 750 GRAFITE33800219
PSP 750 AQUA33800220
PSP 750 ZEN33800465