CF 6C4S1PX-19Dishwashers Rapido'

Freestanding, 16 place settings, Advanced remote control and extra content (Wi-Fi + BLE), W x D x H (mm) 597x598x850
  • Speed-Drive Inverter Motor
  • Maxi TUB
  • C class
  • Wash & Dry 35'
  • Express & Hygiene
  • Low noise level
  • Start Delay up to 24
  • Automatic Cycles
  • Powerwash
  • hOn and Snap&Wash
  • Third basket
  • Premium cup holder
  • 16 place settings
  • Scrolling digit
  • Foldable racks
  • Smart Door
Advanced remote control and extra content (Wi-Fi + BLE)
Automatic door open systemYes
Third drawerYes
Half loadYes
Salt indicator lightYes
End of cycle indicatorYes
Noise level (dBA) 44
Product height with worktop (mm) 850Product depth (mm) 598Width (mm) 597
Product dimensions


Candy Rapido' is the Fastest & Most Spacious Dishwasher in the market. It is provided with a wide set of rapid cycles for every needs, simplifying daily usage thanks to the MAXI-TUB, the most spacious tub in standard size for loading even the largest items.Less washing time, more washing space.

Speed-Drive Inverter Motor

Candy Rapido' is powered by the new SPEED-DRIVE INVERTER, the most innovative and durable brushless motor, able to increase the cleaning performance while reducing the energy consumption.

Maxi TUB

The new Candy Rapido’ has the most spacious TUB in the market (in STD size), providing maximum space for your kitchenware, even the largest like: oven trays, cutting board, salad bowl.


Due to the combination of the new innovative, high-performing Inverter Motor and the excellent wash system, this new dishwasher can reach up to C Energy Efficiency Class.

Wash & Dry 35'

The new Candy Rapido' is capable to Wash&Dry in only 35 minutes a daily amount of dishes: the quickest Wash&Dry cycle in the market.

Express & Hygiene

The new Candy Rapido' is equipped with a set of dedicated options for ensuring the maximum washing cycle flexibility. It is able to cut and reduce the time of the chosen cycle, as well as , increasign its temperature in order to have a better washng performance including a real sanitization into the tub.

Low noise level

Thanks to the new speed drive inverter motor and the most advanced sound proof technology, the new Candy Rapido' is exceptionally quiet and therefore ideal in a open plan kitchen.

Start Delay up to 24

This new Candy Rapido' gives you the possibility to delay the start time of the wash cycle up to 24 hours.

Automatic Cycles

This Candy Rapido' Dishwasher is able to adapt the duration and temperature of the cycle by using sensors to depending on the load and the dirt level of the dishes.


The new Powerwash system is characterized by six additional water jets which significantly increases the water flow, ensuring better cleaning results for the most heavy items like pots and pans.

hOn App and Snap&Wash

Candy Rapido' is smarter than ever, thanks to the Wi-Fi Connectivity using the hOn App. Just take pictures of the baskets and the App will automatically detect of the amount, type, material and position of your dishes. It will advise you how to optimise the loading so you get an efficient and more rapid cycle for perfect results while saving you time and money.

Third basket

The new Candy Rapido's third basket is provided with a smart legenda, which clearly indicates where to place the cutlery in order to reach the best cleaning results.

Premium cup holder

The Rapido' dishwasher is comes complete with newly designed cup and glass holders. With a soft rubber surface placed in the touching points, they ensure the maximum protection of delicate items like wine glasses.

16 place settings

Up 16 place settings in two or three smart baskets: the most spacious dishwasher available on the market. Up to 201 items of tableware ( 33% bigger than a standard 12 place setting dishwasher) can be loaded and washed in just one cycle.

Scrolling digit

A Candy dishwasher that talks to you in 25 languages through scrolling digits. The Text-display with touch control is so easy to use and intuitive that let you forget the manuals.

Foldable racks

Our new Smart Basket is now equipped with new foldable racks, which enables you to pull them up or down to gain more space for you dishes in the smartest way as possible. Your dishes and even your heaviest items have never been so easy to load.

Smart Door

The Smart door opening system can be selected on all the washing cycles of the new Candy Rapido'. During the drying phase, the door will automatically open a few centimeters, enabling the air to circulate within the dishwasher in order to allow the natural drying of the dishes. The duration of the selected cycle will change to allow optimization of temperatures used during the rinse phase and provides a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Technical Specifications

Product name / Commercial code
CF 6C4S1PX-19
Product code
EAN Code
Built-in / Free standing
Number of place settings
Advanced remote control and extra content (Wi-Fi + BLE)
IoT App
Power Wash/Perfect Rapid Zone
Automatic door open system
Adjustable upper basket
Yes with easy-click
Third drawer
Self-cleaning triple filtering system
Safety-stop of lower basket
Current (A)
Drying system
Control type
6 Digit
Plug type
Voltage (V)
Automatic programmes
End of cycle indicator
Half load
Number of programmes
Start delay options
1-23 h
Salt indicator light
Rinse Aid indicator light
Stainless Steel
Energy efficiency class - NEW (2010/30/EC)
Drying performance
Noise level (dBA)
Total annual energy consumption (kWh)
Energy consumption (kWh)
Water consumption (l)
Water consumption annual (l/annum)
Wash performance
Product height with worktop (mm)
Product height without worktop (mm)
Width (mm)
Product depth (mm)
Gross weight (kg)
Net weight (kg)
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